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Advantech’s 'digital factory' an award winner

Intelligent systems provider Advantech has received the ‘ROI Industry 4.0 Award China’ at a ceremony in Shanghai in recognition of its real-time equipment and resource monitoring systems. “What Advantech has achieved is an outstanding example of what can be done in terms of quality and utilisation by providing real-time production insights,” said Timo Schneemann, vice-general manager of ROI Management Consulting. While today, other companies have key machines connected to a central system, Advantech stands out because they get a full picture of what is happening in production — from start to finish,” he added. “Whilst connecting machines is one thing, the crucial step other companies are missing is making this data easily accessible to the people who need it, and here is where Advantech scores high again with their data consolidation and visualisation framework.”


“The Industry 4.0 situation room is Advantech’s most important upgrade to Industry 4.0. The situation room is the factory’s nerve centre where data is collected, analysed and visualised for real-time management and data-driven decision-making. This award has demonstrated that we are on the right track with our Industry 4.0 blueprint,” said Allan Tsay, vice president, Advantech Industrial IoT Group.

Above content is from the published article in the "TechnologyDecisions" on 24 October 2017. To read the full article, please visit here.